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We just publish jobs and news in this website. We, as a website, are not providing any type of VISAS nor JOBS abroad. We just publish them here as an INFORMATION ONLY. We publish different types of jobs in this website which are shown below.

Newspaper Jobs

We select some jobs which are published in daily newspapers. If it is a Pakistani Job, we simply publish it in our website. If this job is related to overseas job, then first of all we verify it using the official Government’s website of “Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment“, if the job is valid then we publish it.

International Sources

We gather jobs from international sources as well like KhaleejTimes.com, Indeed.com and other websites like these. If you are applying for these jobs, then you have to wait for their response.

In Both cases, USERS are requested to CONTACT them at their OWN RISK. We just provide INFORMATION, we are not taking any RESPONSIBILITY.

Thank you